Welcome to The Open League Group

Hosting top tier amateur tournaments in various esports titles to help you progress into a professional level. 


We're Open League, an amateur esports organisation providing the best leagues/tournaments in multiple titles as the stepping stone for players, teams and orgs to get into the big scene. Our staff team strives to provide the best competitive and viewer experiences as it is our mission to push the standards of the amateur competitive scene by constantly upgrading league standards and by following all formats from the professional matches.

Competitive Experience

Our main objective at the open league group is to bring the best possible experience to teams in various titles looking to gain competitive experience.

Saved Streams

To make life easier for our teams and viewers, we save every stream to Twitch and upload them to our YouTube channel. This greatly helps team meetings and match reviews.

Stat Tracking

Every map is tracked and all stats are uploaded to our public stat spreadsheet. Using a custom-made automatic program, we’re able to make the player stats public almost instantly.

Live Support

Our administration & moderation teams is working hard to help the community when questions come up. Use our discord servers to open a ticket, that's a way you can message moderators & administrators.