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At PGS they believe in strong community values and putting you, the gamer, first. PGS are dedicated to providing you with the very best Esports gaming platform experience across PlayStation, Xbox and PC networks. They started out running FIFA Pro Clubs tournaments through Facebook and have since become a household name across the community with their PGS Esports app. Due to our continued success PGS are now expanding into other popular online gaming classics.

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ZAP-Hosting is one of Europe's largest server providers with a focus on game-servers and virtual servers. 

Are you looking for a suitable server provider for your game server, Linux VPS, Windows PVS, dedicated root server or TeamSpeak 3 server? Or do you need a web space with domain or an administration homepage for your Minecraft server?

Opportunity League
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Opportunity League's founders competed in the biggest national esports events as players, analyst or coaches and quit in the end to create structured tournaments that are meaningful to the audience. OPL want to professionalize the amateur and semi-professional esports scene.